Rail Components, e clips and Rail Tension Clamp with HDG coating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZhongYue
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: E1809
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs
Price: Negociable
Packaging Details: 25KG double-layer woven bag with fumigation-free wooden pallet
Delivery Time: 25-35 days after placing order
Payment Terms: T/T, 30% in advance
Supply Ability: 625000 pcs / week
Product: Rail Elastic Clip Material: 60Si2Mn, 60Si2MnA, 60Si2Cr, 60Si2CrA
Color: Black Surface Treatment: Black Oxide
Diameter: 18mm

Rail Components, Fasteners and Rail Elastic clips with HDG coating


Rail clips processing procedures

Rail clips processing procedures are as follow: Shearing-- Heating to forging temperature -- Forming-- Hardening—Tempering — Inspection — Packing.


About our factory:


Zhongyue has been manufacturing E elastic clips. Most of our elastic clips are exported. Only some of them are sold domestically. Our E clip shows reliable quality after being used for so many years. There is no complaint from any of our customers.


(1) Material: the material is purchased from famous steel factory such as Shagang Group, Shougang Group.


(2) Research and development: we have our own R&D department. Many types of E clips can be custmized in our factory.


(3) The inspection center controls every process of production. Thus making sure E clip can meet customers' requirements.


(4) There are 20 senior technicians and 200 experienced workers in factory. With rich experience, they make high quality products to satisfy every customer.


General Specifications:

Name Hardness Fatigue Test Surface Standard refers

E1809, E1817

elastic clip


3 Million cycles

without breaking

Oxide black DIN17221, BS970,  GB/T1222, UIC, ASTM


Material Specifications:

Material 60Si2MnA 60Si2CrA 55Si2Mn 38Si7
Chemical composition(%) C:0.56-0.64 C:0.56-0.64 C:0.52-0.60 C:0.35-0.42
Mn:0.60-0.90 Mn:0.40-0.70 Mn:0.60-0.90 Mn:0.50-0.80
Si:1.60-2.00 Si:1.40-1.80 Si:1.50-2.00 Si:1.50-1.80
Cr:≤0.35 Cr:0.70-1.00 Cr:≤0.35 P:≤0.03
P:≤0.03 P:≤0.03 P:≤0.03 S:≤0.03
S:≤0.03 S:≤0.03 S:≤0.03  




Rail Components, e clips and Rail Tension Clamp with HDG coating 0

Rail Components, e clips and Rail Tension Clamp with HDG coating 1

Rail Clip Production Process

How do we produce rail clips?

ZhongYue produces the rail clips according the scientific procedures of rail clip production strictly and the specific procedures are as follow:

  1. Raw material: Premium grade spring steel sourced from a reliable and certified long term producer.
  2. Shearing: The spring steel bar has to be sheared as per length required.
  3. Heating: to forging temperature (950-1000 degrees Celsius), but over heating shall be avoided to check decarburization.
  4. Forming: Proper heated bar is transferred to power press for forging.
  5. Hardening: The forged rail clips are transferred to quenching tank. Dimensional accuracy and quench hardness of rail clips are checked before tempering.
  6. Tempering: The rail clips are tempered at about 350 Celsius to achieve appropriate toughness in the spring.
  7. Inspection: The products are then checked thoroughly as per China CRCC and customer required specification and design.
  8. Packing: Clips can be packed in woven bags or upon customer requirement.

Inspection during the production process

How is the quality control of ZhongYue rail clips?


We own a full set of strict quality control system to produce rail clips, from raw material purchasing till the finished clip application. There’s a professional inspection team to check about each process of the production line and every two hour out of the line.

Inspection machine for finished rail clips.

What does ZhongYue use to inspect the finished rail clips?

  1. Brinell Hardness Tester
  2. Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
  3. Rockwell Hardness Machine to test metallic materials
  4. Automatic Impact Testing Machine
  5. Metallographic Microscope
  6. Automatic High-speed Analyzer
  7. Fatigue Testing Machine
  8. Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine
  9. Metallographic Specimen Pointing MachineSKL 12 rail Concrete Sleeper Elastic Rail Clips With color painting

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